Five thoughts on Frank Turner’s October 12 show at Hard Rock Live

Frank Turner believes in a betterment-through-music mentality.
Photo: Bill Hughes
Chris Bitonti

1. From the start, Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls are barrelling through a high-spirited set of sing-alongs and barroom anthems for a rowdy crowd. Turner announces this as show No. 1,471 for him; more important, it’s his first as a Vegas headliner.

2. Instead of canceling his tour due to a severe back injury, Turner has opted out of guitar duty. You’d never guess he’s in pain from his onstage activity, but it does make the lyrics to “Losing Days” appropriate: “Oh my broken battered body, in the days when I was younger, used to fix itself quick sharp, after every slip and stumble.”

3. Turner pauses midsong to help quell a fight breaking out in the crowd. “There are lots of reasons to fight in our society,” he says, “but this show, within these four walls, is not a reason.”

4. Turner combines the gang-vocal camaraderie found in Irish drinking songs with punk and rockabilly to create a unique live experience, with heavy crowd interaction that includes group clapping, call-and-responses and even synchronized jumping jacks.

5. Turner seems obsessed with the concept of what rock ’n’ roll can accomplish beyond just giving people an excuse to sing and dance. He frequently muses on the topic and invites us to join in his betterment-through-music mentality.

  • Among the handful of Nevada-based films screened at last week's shorts fest was a few music videos for local acts.

  • The group’s footprint here has included a Joint residency, Kiss by Monster Mini-Golf and Kiss-themed wedding packages.

  • It has become more political, with songs about the #MeToo movement and bias in the news. And its sound is noticeably more aggressive.

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