Locals are beautiful: Vegas bands weigh in on the festival and its opportunities

Kid Meets Cougar wants to team up with Purity Ring. It’s easy to guess why.
Photo: Spencer Burton

What do you hope to gain from your LIB experience?

“We’ve already gained a lot by having our name on the roster. It’s helped with getting shows on the road, and probably helped us get into SXSW.” –Blair Dewane, Rusty Maples

“It’s the biggest platform I’ve ever performed on, and I hope to gain as many new fans and supporters as possible.” –Ekoh

“It’s an opportunity to bring people into what has been the epicenter of the local music and art scene, to show them what we have been doing this whole time, why we have logged countless nights hauling our gear in and playing to our friends, and that there is a rich and vibrant music scene here.” –Eric Koch, Most Thieves

Rhythm N Rhythm

Rhythm N Rhythm

“Gaining new fans and that possibility of being picked up by a record label.” –Anthony Ratto, The Dirty Hooks

“We’ve used Life Is Beautiful to help book the tour we’re on—we were able to name-drop some headliners that we’re sharing a festival with.” –Jason Aragon, Same Sex Mary

Do you have anything special planned for your set?

“I’m playing a music festival eight months pregnant. You don’t see that every day.” –Roxie Amoroso, Crazy Chief

“We reworked our set to build in energy and keep the crowd dancing.” –Logan Lanning, GoldBoot

“We’ll be debuting a song from our upcoming album.” –Heidi Guinn, Dusty Sunshine

“We’ll be pulling a few tricks out. Watch from the beginning to the end and you won’t be disappointed.” –Renaldo Elliott, Rhyme N Rhythm

“This time we will practice before a show.” –Trevor Hurley, Most Thieves

Which musical act(s) are you most excited to see perform at Life Is Beautiful?

“The Killers. Great way to wrap a great tour.” –Rob Whited, Most Thieves

“I’m really stoked to see all the local bands on a bigger stage and in a festival setting.” –Kevin Oakley, A Crowd of Small Adventures

“I’m excited to see Beck. He’s the festival veteran, I want to learn all of his tricks.” –Mike Weller, Rusty Maples

Which act would you most like to collaborate with?

“Beck’s music has had a huge influence on me and was one of the main reasons I got into recording and experimenting with music.” –Brett Bolton, Kid Meets Cougar

“Zumanity, to get some topless acrobats onstage. That’s probably what our show is lacking most. –Tsvetelina Stefanova, Same Sex Mary

“The Joy Formidable. I’ve been listening to them and wondering how they get such cool sounds.” –Eric Rickey, Most Thieves/A Crowd of Small Adventures

“Alabama Shakes. There’s just so much talent going on in that band.” –Jenine Cali, The Dirty Hooks

“I think Kid Meets Cougar would collaborate well with Purity Ring. Could you imagine the triggered visuals with that collab?” –Courtney Carroll, Kid Meets Cougar/Dusty Sunshine

“We’ve been playing a creative version of Beck’s “Loser” for the past few months, so that would be a lot of fun.” –Beau Hodges, Beau Hodges Band

“Brett Bolton of Kid Meets Cougar. Why you so busy, Brett?” –Jackson Wilcox, A Crowd of Small Adventures

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