Five thoughts on Chrissie Hynde’s show at the Pearl

Chrissie Hynde played plenty from her first-ever solo record during the November 28 concert at the Palms.
Photo: Denise Truscello
Jason Harris

1. If there’s such a thing as “sedate rock,” Hynde has perfected it. The first five songs out of the gate were all fine, highlighted by The Pretenders’ “Biker,” but it set a low-energy tone that took awhile to overcome.

2. Hynde’s first-ever solo record, June’s Stockholm, was well-represented. “Sweet Nuthin’” has fun sing-along parts, and “Adding the Blue” fits well within Hynde’s catalog of fantastic ballads, though its placement as main-set closer after Pretenders hits “Don’t Get Me Wrong” and “Back on the Chain Gang” didn’t do it any favors.

3. If you didn’t know Hynde is a fierce vegan and animal rights activist, she made it very clear, sharing her views on protecting animals. “Thanks for not killing them for profit or pleasure or just because you’re a f*cking asshole.”

4. Songs not played included “I’ll Stand by You,” “Angel of the Morning,” “Time the Avenger” and “Brass in Pocket,” all of which would have been welcome boosts to an uneven setlist.

5. Hynde asked the audience, “Wouldn’t you rather see us in a nice, little place like this than a big stadium?” It’s a fine thought, but in this situation it would be like a guy with a good outside shot and no vertical leap stating, “I’d much rather shoot jump shots then dunk a basketball.”

  • “If you don’t love a sax solo, I question your commitment to music (laughs).”

  • Café Tacvba, Reik, Maluma and more.

  • Perhaps most importantly, the lobby bar and merch areas have been reworked for better flow and faster service. Because you can’t enjoy the great acoustics ...

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