Ronnie Radke sort of buries the hatchet with Escape the Fate

Escape the Fate, left, and Falling in Reverse play the same bill January 18 at the House of Blues.

The Smiths aren’t reuniting, David Byrne still isn’t Talking to the other Heads, and Mamma Mia! is the closest we’ll get to seeing ABBA onstage. We’ve come to accept these truths over time, and here in Las Vegas we have our own unbreakable rock ’n’ roll reality: Ronnie Radke will never, ever play with Escape the Fate again. Except that Saturday night at House of Blues, he will. Not in the exact way fans loyal to the Vegas-birthed band’s original frontman—and he has many loyal fans; scope out any ETF YouTube comment thread for proof—would prefer. Radke won’t be on the mic when Escape the Fate hits the stage, but he will be in the house, preparing to headline the aptly named Bury the Hatchet tour stop with his own group, Falling in Reverse. The twin bill is a strange development, considering Radke’s feud with his former bandmates ran so deep he once taunted them from the crowd during an Extreme Thing performance. But time and, yes, potential paydays apparently heal all. Standing next to replacement and longtime rival Craig Mabbitt during an Alternative Press video interview in October, Radke explained: “I woke up one day, and for some reason all the hate and anger was gone.” Something tells us Morrissey didn’t see it.

Falling in Reverse with Escape the Fate January 18, 6 p.m., $22-$26. House of Blues, 632-7600.

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