Supergroup: Vegas scene bassist CoCo Jenkins picks her dream bandmates

Photo: CoCo Jenkins by Christopher DeVargas
Jason Harris

Here’s how it works: I ask a local musician to pick three favorite (famous) songs. Then I choose one and ask the artist to piece together the dream (local) band with which he or she would cover it. The catch: The musician can’t have been in a band with any of them—ever. This supergroup has to be brand new.

Since the debut of this column more than a year ago, no musician has been chosen for more supergroups than Rhyme N Rhythm bassist CoCo Jenkins. Her striking physical presence—she’s a powder keg of energy—is matched by her musical prowess. Because she plays for at least three other local acts (Sabriel, Cameron Calloway, Olmeca), a lot of musicians are ineligible to be in her dream band. For all of these reasons, Jenkins is an ideal choice for this challenge.

Her song is “Electric Feel” by MGMT, a layered, electro-pop dance hit heavy on synths with a pulsating drum beat and a crunchy bass line. Jenkins says of the song: “It’s funky, it’s psychedelic. At the time it came out I feel like there wasn’t anything else sounding like that, at least mainstream-wise. It was just completely different.” She adds: “It makes me want to do body rolls all night long.”

Her strategy would be to slow down the beginning, as she proudly says she’s “all about that chopped and screwed life.” Then at the end, “a cool disco feel, like a surprise, ‘Hey we dragged it out this whole time, now you’re gonna want to get up out of your seat.’” With CoCo on vocals and bass, her “Electric Feel” supergroup would carry it in those body-roll moments.


Lady Reiko (Lady Reiko and The Sin City Prophets) “I love a strong, gritty, alto voice, and Reiko definitely has all those qualities.”


A.J. Johnson (host of the Funk Jam) “A.J. would totally funk up the bass line of this song, plus he’s an overall great guy who always wants to spread positivity.”


Diego, aka Damo Obrigado (the now defunct Dopamine Flux) “He’s big in the psychedelic scene. His flavor would be extra-weird. He has a million pedals. He’s a music nerd. He is my eclectic half times 10.”


Jordan Rosenthal (Fortunate Youth) “Jordan has been my favorite drummer since I was 15, and I’d see him drumming with my favorite band, Goldfish Don’t Bounce, local ska/reggae legends.”


Tray Charles (solo) “He would add some extra sounds to round out the track on his MPC, and he’s really funky on the keys. He uses a talk box so he’d be able to add a ridiculous amount of layers creatively and tastefully.”


Hassan (solo) and Rasar (The Lique) “Both are very witty. Both are socially conscious in their own ways. Both can freestyle for days. Both have dope wordplay, dope cadences. You’ll never hear the same thing from them. They are the epitome of true emcees.”

  • His new album and impending tour share the name of his Vegas residency, "My Songs."

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