Album review: Richie Hawtin’s ‘From My Mind to Yours’


Three and a half stars

Richie Hawtin From My Mind to Yours

Last week, techno trailblazer Richie Hawtin pulled a Beyoncé and dropped an album nobody saw coming—almost. He had recently copped to sneaking out a handful of productions for his Plus 8 label and hinted at their inclusion on a future longplayer. From My Mind to Yours—the title an homage to Plus 8’s first compilation—honors its legacy by not only amassing 15 tracks credited to eight different Hawtin projects/musical personalities, but acknowledging its aesthetic roots. Hawtin’s signature use of the Roland 808 and 909 drum machines is all over the release, from the squelchy, peak-hour drive of Circuit Breaker’s “Systematic” to the deep, dubby minimalism of Childsplay’s “Stretching.” Repeated listens allow one to differentiate between, say, Plastikman and Fuse—the former more meditative and minimal, the latter more indicative of the dancefloor—but the tracklisting congeals nonetheless, ultimately resulting in a musical (and updated) C.V. of a rhythmic craftsman.

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