Five thoughts: King Tuff (January 30, Bunkhouse Saloon)

King Tuff rocks the Bunkhouse.
Photo: Spencer Burton

1. Wearing a studded denim vest and a Raiders cap, Kyle Thomas, aka King Tuff, opens the show with a rock ’n’ roll declaration. “It’s the last show of our tour and we’re ready to f*ckin’ party,” he says. The guys launch into their set with the ear-splitting floor tom and kick drum of “Madness,” then follow with “Wild Desire.”

2. I never wear earplugs, but the wild pounding of the drummer known as Big ’Ol Gary kind of makes me wish I had them. Between songs, Thomas struggles to get his fog machine under control as the stage is cloaked in puffs of smoke. “It’s got a foggy mind of its own,” Thomas says. King Tuff dives into the next song, another shiny, glam-punk jam that sounds like a Buzzcocks B-side, if Marc Bolan was the lead singer.

3. “Headbangers,” sounds a little too similar to The Only Ones’ “Another Girl Another Planet,” but it’s still my favorite song off Black Moon Spell. The live rendition is pretty true to the recording, but the vocals sound drowned-out from inside the middle of the crowd. I move around the venue for a better spot and settle on the bar, where the sound is clearer.

4. “Can we get a light show?” Thomas asks. “I’m a little bored with these lights.” The crowd breaks into a moshpit under the ominous gleam of the blue lights. The energy remains high for the rest of the set.

5. The trio brought everything you’d expect of a King Tuff show—jokes about getting laid, diamond-sharp guitars and glittery, metallic solos—but as a fan of KT, the show didn’t feel particularly special. Next time, I’ll probably just stick to the album.

Photo of Leslie Ventura

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