Introducing Vegas’ new Minor Threat tribute band

July 11 marks Vegas Threat’s debut.
Jesse Nabers
Greg Thilmont

This is a city built on tribute bands, now including Vegas Threat. The new local outfit is dedicated to Minor Threat, the seminal early-’80s D.C. hardcore thrashers of “Straight Edge” fame.

Vegas Threat features Tyson McEntire on vocals, Paolo Del Carmen on bass, Omar Bruce on drums and Carlos Acosta Jr. and John Fernandez on guitar. The quintet of friends are no strangers to covering songs. A couple of them have also been in Descendents tribute troupe Vegascendents; others have transformed traditional Mexican canciones into punk-rock scorchers.

July 11 marks Vegas Threat’s debut, in a cavalcade at the Double Down. According to singer McEntire, VT’s set will be fast, aggressive and totally Minor Threat (no Fugazi, if you were wondering). “We’re going probably to burn through 15 or 16 songs in under 30 minutes,” he says. “It’s hardcore punk. Should be fun.”

As a Sin City bonus, Vegas Threat’s logo combines Minor Threat’s iconic “bottle man” symbol with the face of young Elvis. One, two, three … viva!

VEGAS THREAT with S.F.T., Los Carajos, Over It, Burien, Die Nasty, Mystic Perception. July 11, 10 p.m., free. Double Down Saloon, 702-791-5775.

  • Among the handful of Nevada-based films screened at last week's shorts fest was a few music videos for local acts.

  • The group’s footprint here has included a Joint residency, Kiss by Monster Mini-Golf and Kiss-themed wedding packages.

  • It has become more political, with songs about the #MeToo movement and bias in the news. And its sound is noticeably more aggressive.

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