A library group is giving Nirvana the book club treatment

Photo: Chris Cuffaro / AP

We sit in a semi-circle around Kevin Bowman, holding court at a desk below a projection screen, the mostly empty multi-use room inside Windmill Library evoking The Breakfast Club. But instead of Barry Manilow, we’re here to chat about Patti Smith and sample her seminal 1975 album, Horses. You read that right: A Sunday discussion in suburban Las Vegas about Jesus dying not for our sins, but somebody else’s. The punk poet’s substantive lyrics give us lots to talk about.

Bowman, a library staffer and big music fan, dreamed up the now-monthly Windmill Music Discussion Group after reading an article about similar clubs—and noticing a dearth of adult library programs. “I thought music could be talked about like any novel could,” he says. The club launched in March 2014, discussing mostly albums (The Beatles’ Revolver), but also general work (James Brown) and topics (women in punk), our Horses group last month tying with the previous attendance high. One might predict a record-breaker with the July 26 topic: an overview on Nirvana, inspired by how often Bowman sees people wearing the band’s shirts at the library and how that resonance might spur the sort of shared personal anecdotes Bowman likes to hear most. Plus, he adds, “there’s gonna be lots to talk about.”

Windmill Music Discussion Group Last Sunday of each month, 4 p.m., free. Windmill Library, 7060 W. Windmill Lane, 702-507-6030.

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