Escort’s ‘Animal Nature’ is a love letter to disco


Three and a half stars

Escort Animal Nature

There are two kinds of disco: the real, organic stuff and the processed version still heard at weddings. Brooklyn act Escort makes the case for the former, as sophomore release Animal Nature proves. A dashed-off read might say it apes Chic and other pioneers of the genre, but a deeper examination reveals serious reverence for its craft, a detailed production (see “Temptation,” likely recorded to be played live) and precise musicianship. Which you’d be forgiven for overlooking because, like the best disco, it’s music that enables an easy escape. The title track accomplishes this with its driving bassline, shimmering synths and swooning vocals (thanks to the just-diva-enough vocalist Adeline Michéle). And then there’s closer “Dancer,” a live funk-house number whose instrumental interplay, rhythmic momentum and stylistic throwback converge to climactic effect. Animal Nature is disco you’d expect from a good DJ but hope to hear out of a live band.

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