Local music news & notes: Sabriel drops an EP, Moonboots calls it quits and more

Sabriel Hobart’s new EP is a stellar 5-song collection of jazzy R&B.

MOOD MUSIC Between the opening keys and feather-light sighs on “MYF,” Vegas singer-songwriter Sabriel Hobart sets the mood for her outstanding five-song EP shä brē el in seconds. Layered with buttery vocals, bright horns, stirring piano riffs and thick bass, the project is sultry and smooth, confident and poised. Just shy of 20 minutes, Hobart and her skilled team of musicians explore R&B’s jazzier soundscapes, lush vocal runs and bare-it-all poetry. “I feel my body’s floating away/Can’t put my finger on the taste/My head is far away in space/And I hope that I can make you feel the same,” Hobart sings on that same opener. The album closes with a harrowing skyscraper of a song, “No More Color,” featuring Pao Gonzales on guitar, Renaldo Elliott on drums, Halsey Harkins on keys, Bronson Garza on bass, Jean Francois Thibeault on trombone, Isaac Tubb on trumpet and Eddie Rich on saxophone. It’s an impressive collection of musicians, with Hobart at the center. No doubt, it will keep listeners on their toes until a full-length appears.

LUNAR ECLIPSE After a five-year run, Vegas alt-rockers Moonboots have announced their breakup. “We started as a Pixies cover band in 2011, playing in [guitarist] Clyde [Barnett’s] bedroom with the only real goal being to play a 30-minute set of songs from Doolittle and Surfer Rosa at Green Valley Ranch,” drummer Ryan Brunty said on Facebook. “After a few years, we started writing originals that we thought were pretty darn fun ... it will be missed.” The “conscious uncoupling” comes two weeks after the band played its final show at Artifice on July 29. Moonboots released a self-titled EP in March.

WAX ON Earlier this month Wax Pig Melting returned from the depths to release brooding new single “Jaundice,” and it’s worth grabbing your headphones to hear. The grainy track bubbles into a thumping, angry anthem as Brian Gibson growls, “Nothin’ at all/Seems like a lot to take into me/I’m learnin’ to crawl/Now I’ve lost both of my knees,” during the song’s climactic bridge. Between the abstract lyrics, shredding guitars and pummeling drum fills, Wax Pig’s latest song will leave you wanting more.

LOCAL WAVE LA-based surf-punk duo Surf Curse, featuring Nick Rattigan and Jason Rubeck from Henderson, plays Vegas for the first time inside the Womb Room on September 4. It’s a house show so we won’t give out the address here, but these lo-fi homegrown heroes are worth tracking down.

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