10 Vegas acts to watch in 2016: Narrowed

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Reverb, feedback and dissonant guitar riffs. The drums come in, a steady marching beat, followed by frontman Charlie Blasco’s biting howl. It’s the first song, “Hear, Here,” off Narrowed’s split EP with Eugene, Oregon, band Southtowne Lanes. Released in July of 2015, that three-song collection has helped the Vegas four-piece stand out among its many local hardcore, punk and emo peers.

Brothers Charlie (vocals/bass) and Sam Blasco (guitar) have been recording music with Chris Sanchez (drums) since they were kids, but with the addition of Ian Floyd (guitar), Narrowed’s approach has solidified. “This record has been the first time that we’ve ever been able to sit down as a four-piece and hash out ideas and make a record,” Charlie says of an upcoming full-length. While previous EPs were recorded live, the new LP was tracked at 11th Street Records in late 2015. “It’s more challenging,” Floyd says. “You have to know more about the music you just wrote.”

That means Narrowed could sound even tighter when it hits the road this year with Southtowne Lanes. And while that’s where the musicians prefer to be, they’ve also carved out a following within the Vegas house-show scene, with Floyd living at and running a home known as Zarfest Fairgrounds. “I feel like people can get more comfortable in a house than in an actual venue,” he says. “It’s a lot easier for smaller bands who would never have the opportunity to play at a bar.” narrowedband.bandcamp.com

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