10 Vegas acts to watch in 2016: The Big Friendly Corporation

The Big Friendly Corporation
Photo: Spencer Burton

Four years have passed since the release of The Big Friendly Corporation’s last full-length, Nocturne, but in the course of making its follow-up, life has gotten in the way for the indie melodicists—school, band-member illnesses, traveling for family emergencies. “It’s taken a lot longer than we anticipated,” keyboardist/vocalist Melissa Marth says.

Those setbacks, however, pale in comparison to the emotional turbulence she and her brother, guitarist/vocalist Ryan, have experienced since brother and musician Tommy Marth took his life in 2012. It inspired the concept of the forthcoming Carry On, Carrion. “[It’s about] carrying on after something terrible happens, and about what can make someone crack,” she says. “It’s significant to Ryan and I because it has documented our stages of grief.” As such, the narrative tones range from anger to sentimentality to introspectiveness—an all-around darker record for BFC, though the hook-driven songwriting and instrumentation remain similar to previous efforts. Carry On will also be a double record boasting at least 25 songs and structured uniquely, with interludes in the first half and an interwoven 10-song stretch for the climactic ending. “It’s like the Abbey Road medley—it wraps up everything,” Melissa says.

This year will also see BFC attempt some Southwest region touring, but not before the album release. And while the vinyl edition endures a three to four month delay due to pressing-plant backlogs, the band may precede it with a release party once the digital version is mastered and its accompanying photos and text are arranged. “Some of the lyrics are hard for people to understand on the album. They’re really harsh, so we didn’t want those to detract from the actual music,” Melissa says. “If people choose to, they can read along with the pamphlet.” thebigfriendlycorporation.bandcamp.com

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