The Weekly interview: Yuck singer/guitarist Max Bloom

Bloom (second from right) with Yuck.

You recorded February album Stranger Things at your parents’ house, and as a result basically spent no money on it. Tell me a bit about those recording sessions. I was in no way implying albums don’t cost anything to make, because they definitely do, but we just had everything we needed. The most expensive thing was guitar amps and guitars, [but] we’ve been going for a long time, so we’ve amassed a lot of guitars and pedals and stuff like that.

I knew I wanted to self-produce a record and make it ourselves, and my parents’ is the only place I have access to that’s free and quiet. I was quite happy to do it there, because it was obviously a relaxed environment. It’s quite tricky recording in a studio when you have things like time and money on your mind. It was quite easy to get in the zone and get carried away if we wanted to.

Now comes the part where critics size up this album you just put all of your effort into. Do you pay attention to reviews? I do. I know it’s really bad to, but sometimes you can’t avoid it. In the past I’ve seen reviews as a personal attack on me, and with hindsight I’ve learned you cannot please everyone. We’ve made the record primarily for ourselves, and we’re really, really happy with the results. I think at this point if people don’t like it then people don’t like our band, and that’s completely fine. I don’t want everyone to like our band, and I would rather people didn’t listen to our music if they don’t like it. I think I’m a lot more comfortable with people reviewing the record this time around.

How long do you typically practice before you head out on tour? We’re rehearsing tomorrow and then we’ll probably do a few more. Now it’s just to nail the songs on the album. As a band, we don’t generally like to rehearse that much. We don’t really like to overdo it. The main thing is just making sure you don’t have to think about what you’re doing.

What’s the live show like? With this record I wanted to make an album that would be really fun and also really easy to play live. In some situations, when you’re in the studio and get carried away, you don’t often think about playing it live at some point.

When Yuck started, you weren’t the singer. Do you still play songs from that era? We do. We can’t ignore the first album entirely. I think that would be wrong.

Your Twitter is pretty entertaining, as you seem to tweet about being annoyed with various things. What’s annoying you right now? There’s a lot of social conventions in the U.K. that make no sense, because people in the U.K. are so polite. For example, the roads here are not built for cars, so you often have to pull over and let someone through on a really long, windy road. If they don’t wave, then that’s f*cking annoying.

You covered the Fugazi song “Cashout.” What does that song mean to you? A lot of people, particularly in my age group, simply can’t afford to live in London anymore, and it’s a very upsetting thing. London is kind of becoming a ghost town.

Yuck with Hidden Levels. March 22, 9 p.m., $10-$12. Bunkhouse Saloon, 702-982-1764.

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