Posies primer: Brush up on the power-pop faves before their Bunkhouse gig

The group was formed by guitarists/vocalists Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow.
Annie Zaleski

Who: A Pacific Northwest rock band formed in 1987 by guitarists/vocalists Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow.

Sound: The Posies are frequently categorized as power-pop, thanks to Auer and Stringfellow’s harmonies, gorgeous riffs and circuitous melodies, and a penchant for melancholy. But the group’s sound also nods to British Invasion garage-pop, fuzzed-out psych-pop, manicured ‘70s AM Gold and DIY indie-punk.

Bands Who’ve Influenced Them: Cult power-pop band Big Star is a big one; Auer and Stringfellow even played with Jody Stephens and Alex Chilton in a reconstituted version of the group. Other touchstones include noisy pop bands like jangly psych purveyors Teenage Fanclub and DIY pogo-punks Young Fresh Fellows; Paul McCartney’s work with The Beatles and Wings; and ’80s college-rock staples R.E.M., The Smiths and Squeeze.

Bands They’ve Influenced: The Posies paved the way for the mid-’90s alterna-pop movement headed by acts like Fountains of Wayne and Semisonic. The band also served as role models for ambitious fellow Pacific Northwest rockers Modest Mouse and Death Cab for Cutie.

Key Songs: “Golden Blunders” (Dear 23, 1990) The Posies’ first modern rock hit—a slab of sunburned power-pop—was later covered by Ringo Starr.

“Dream All Day” (Frosting on the Beater, 1993). A grungy, taffy-pulled alterna-pop song that was the band’s biggest hit.

“Flavor of the Month” (Frosting on the Beater, 1993). In addition to gleeful, noisy riffs, this song’s dominated by honeyed harmonies and sly commentary on passing fads.

“Throwaway” (Amazing Disgrace, 1996). Distortion-laced rock sludge with a morose core.

“Grant Hart” (Amazing Disgrace, 1996). A punky rave-up honoring Hüsker Dü’s drummer.

“Squirrel vs. Snake” (Solid States, 2016). The band’s excellent new LP features this dreamy, keyboard-speckled pop song that speaks eloquently about current events.

The Posies With Special-K, Indigo Kidd, Par. November 22, 7 p.m., $10-$12. Bunkhouse Saloon, 702-982-1764.

  • The 2016 album Hardwired… to Self-Destruct is the band’s best in many years, and the setlists on the current tour haven’t skimped on its songs.

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  • Tricky, The Orb and Goldie are all in town for separate shows.

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