The American Weather ascends to the stage of its dreams

The American Weather
Photo: Yasmina Chavez
Ian Caramanzana

You might know Anthony Krantz as the singer/guitarist for Las Vegas trio The American Weather—a band that has tweaked the songwriting style of ’90s grunge by tossing in elements from the blues and classic rock.

Or you might recognize him as a veteran Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas employee who has done everything from bussing tables to cleaning the very spot where he now rocks out with his buddies. “I remember being onstage and thinking, ‘Holy sh*t! I’ve seen some of my heroes here, so many of my favorite bands on this stage. Hell, I’ve even picked up the crap they’ve thrown on the ground.’ Now I’m the one playing.”

The American Weather—Krantz, 21; bassist Jaz Kelso, 22; and drummer Aaron Golubic, 21—formed in the summer of 2015. The three friends had previously played in post-hardcore band A City Misleading, but decided to move things in a different direction as a trio. Since then, their boisterous, syncopated swagger has been heard from Downtown venues like Artifice and the Bunkhouse to the Double Down and Rumor closer to the Strip.

It’s easy to hear why the group has won the ears of local scenesters and show promoters. Songs like “Satisfy You” and “Pray” are full of huge hooks and melodic riffs that complement Krantz’s raspy wails (think: The Black Keys’ aggressive side, but fronted by Dave Grohl).

Now, the trio is gearing up to release its first full-length album—recorded at National Southwestern Recording—on the newly launched Huntridge Records label sometime this spring. “We’ve taken a huge risk thematically [on the record],” Krantz says. “It’s a little political. There’s no better time than now to talk about these things, and we’re talking about them in a personal matter, as opposed to a ‘f*ck the system’ kind of way.”

The American Weather with Hail Sagan, Black Rhino, Leaving Springfield, Indigo Kidd. February 10, 8 p.m., free. Beauty Bar, 702-598-3757.

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