Circle these 10 acts on your Warped Tour schedule

Annie Zaleski

This year’s Warped Tour lineup takes a more holistic—and diverse— approach to the modern punk landscape. We suggest starting here …

Boston Manor On last year’s Be Nothing., the Blackpool, U.K., quintet takes musical cues from American bands—especially Taking Back Sunday’s melodic post-hardcore and New Found Glory’s roiling punk-pop.

Creeper Goth-punk never goes out of style. The latest practitioners of this dark magic: U.K. act Creeper, whose furious hardcore recalls Misfits and My Chemical Romance.

Courage My Love Fronted by twin sisters Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn, this Canadian rock band boasts a sophisticated, electro-pop sheen and irresistible, radio-ready hooks.

The Fantastic PlasticsThe Brooklyn duo collides cerebral synth-pop with 8-bit electro-punk. Crank the charming “We Are Obsolete,” whose keyboard calisthenics would make even a robot break a sweat.

Hundredth There’s reinvention, and then there’s Hundredth, which on new album Rare abandons scabrous post-hardcore for roaring, ’90s shoegaze indebted to Ride and Swervedriver.

Jule Vera Buoyed by emotive vocalist Ansley Newman, this Alabama-formed quintet specializes in sparkling pop-rock driven by piano and dreamy atmospherics.

Microwave The Atlanta quartet covers a lot of ground on its two full-length albums: ramshackle ’90s indie rock, Weezer-y fuzz-pop and throat-searing emo-punk.

Save Ferris Opera-trained vocalist Monique Powell has rebooted the beloved ’90s ska-punk troupe for live shows and new EP Checkered Past, highlighted by the Specials-ish “New Sound.”

War on Women Who says modern punk is apolitical? Not this galvanizing feminist band whose lyrics call out and dismantle such poisonous topics as misogyny, sexism and racism.

William Control The nom de electro of onetime Aiden frontman Will Francis. Fans of ’80s darkwave and gothic synth-pop—think Depeche Mode and Blaqk Audio—will find much to love.

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