Sizzy Rocket returns home to share a bill with Shamir

Sizzy Rocket performs at the Bunkhouse on February 23.

Sizzy Rocket has always wanted to be larger than life. That was her mentality when she chose her stage name—one reflecting her punkish, no-holds-barred attitude.

Where Katy Perry once sang a watered-down, attention-grabbing song about kissing girls, Sizzy sings crassly about wanting to sleep with her best friends. She writes about awkward moments, vulnerability, drinking too much—themes that should resonate with those who came of age in Las Vegas. Before Sizzy was a New Yorker or a Los Angeleno, she was Sabrina Louise Bernstein, Las Vegan.

“Vegas has been super-influential to me,” Sizzy, 25, says from her LA home. She opens up for another former Las Vegan, Shamir, at the Bunkhouse on February 23. “We met in Vegas when I was home for Christmas. That was my first turnt adult Vegas night—going out with Shamir.”

Sizzy graduated from Las Vegas Academy, opening for bands like Imagine Dragons before moving to New York City at 18. “Growing up in Vegas was a little bit isolating. My house was in the middle of the desert.” Music, she says, was her outlet.

At the core of her songs are themes of temptation and “how far do you want to go with your vices?” she says. Those underpinnings are palpable on 2016 debut Thrills, along with newer tracks like the hazy, self-destructive “Mulholland.”

In an era oversaturated with content, Sizzy makes decisions that keep her from blending in, while staying connected to her fans. “You have to be interactive now. It’s not just ‘Look at me perform’ anymore. You’re part of the whole experience. That’s what Sizzy is about.”

Sizzy Rocket opening for Shamir. February 23, 8:30 p.m., $15-$18. Bunkhouse Saloon, 702-982-1764.

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