Local bands have a new home at new Rio music venue 172

The Rio’s 172

A human ear can withstand sounds around 130 decibels before things become painful. The Rio’s newest venue, 172, is named after the loudest sound ever recorded on Earth—the Krakaota volcano explosion, a noise so loud, it registered at 172 decibels 100 miles away.

That’s a lot to live up to, but if you can get past its odd placement—it’s a black-and-purple rock venue situated near the Chippendales Theater—the roomy, 300-capacity room is poised to complement the Las Vegas entertainment scene. And its actual volume might be reasonable compared to the thirsty screams next door.

Talent buyer Patrick “Pulsar” Trout helms the concert calendar, which spans the spectrum of rock. Part of what drew his participation, he says, was being able to feature local bands in the tourist corridor alongside bigger names. Opening night kicked off with a free, all-local bill featuring Bad Phantom, Kaylie Foster and Jessica Manalo. That was followed by weekend shows with Missouri punks Radkey and legendary U.K. ska act The Selecter.

Another bonus: 172 offers an elevated food and beverage menu, plus dining tables on some nights. There’s even a chef’s table, where groups can score off-menu creations. “A lot of younger people who are into current music are also really into food,” Trout says. “This is the first time I’ve been involved in a concept that’s not, ‘Hey, let’s pregame somewhere else, then go here for the band.’ It’s, ‘Hey, let’s get here early, have a cool dinner, some drinks and then watch a cool show.’ Being able to offer that to the rock market is going to be really cool.”

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