The Bible of Unspeakable Truths

By Greg Gutfeld, Grand Central Publishing, $25.


The Details

The Bible of Unspeakable Truths
Two stars

Greg Gutfeld has better ideas than most politicians and is funnier than most political comedians. So why did his book leave me feeling so empty? I could never tell when Gutfeld was exaggerating, being sarcastic or being ironic. As central arguments go, I could only pick out one: Everybody except for me is a hypocritical idiot. That said, I loved Gutfeld’s individual arguments: “Obama worked,” Gutfeld says, “because he looks alarmingly like a friendly commercial actor who just quit smoking using Nicorette gum (and you can, too!).” Well done, sir. Still, we must discuss Colbert. These days, you just can’t write things like, “Someone had to step up and say, ‘Hold on there, pal.’ And that someone is America,” without sounding like you’re stealing Colbert’s shtick. But apparently that didn’t stop Gutfeld. Then again, maybe that’s just the hypocritical idiot in me talking.


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