Five random excerpts from “Repeat Until Rich: A Professional Card Counter’s Chronicle of the Blackjack Wars” by Josh Axelrad

The Penguin Press, $26


“‘Down on your knees,’ the cop said. Yes, sir. He made the cuffs tighter than warranted.” (Page 186)

“‘We’re not in Las Vegas. We don’t know a lawyer in this little town. We don’t know what the cops are like here. Metro sucks ass in Las Vegas, but at least they’re professional.’” (Page 141)

“Now I felt more like a lion cub, or a pacifist beaver.” (Page 57)

“I never know what to say to a woman in the absence of sexual tension. Do you like nasturtiums? I slumped against the door, feeling drugged.” (Page 8)

“It had to end happily. I was feeling strongly about that. Happy endings may be bullshit, but they’re needed.” (Page 242)


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