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Lost Encyclopedia boasts more than 400 full-color pages, 1,500-plus images and a $45 price tag. It’s great for nostalgia and for browsing, but bad for serious study. If you need a specific piece of island info, head to It’s more exhaustive, easier to search ... and free.


Lost Encyclopedia
two and a half stars
By Tara Bennett and Paul Terry, $45.

Character entries compose the bulk of the book. Sami, the husband of one of Sayid’s torture victims, gets an entry, and so does Sanjay, an Ohio motel receptionist who once spoke to Kate. Unfortunately, the only impressive thing about the entries is the sheer number of ’em.

What really stands out: special two-page spreads sprinkled throughout the book. Highlights include Drive Shaft album art, the castaway bookshelf, island weapons galleries and Sawyer’s Nickname Hall of Fame.

The Lost Encyclopedia’s a solid way to revisit people and places you’ve long forgotten about. But much like Lost itself, the book leaves us wanting more.


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