The launch of Southern Nevada’s Literary Arts Council

Writers tend not to be social people. They’re often shy, awkward and self-loathing, or moody, boisterous and drunk. But stereotypes be damned! Last week, the Las Vegas literati gathered at local writer Mark Sedenquist’s home for a polite early-evening conversation, fancy cheese and hot apple cider. Also wine, but not too much.

The party marked the birth of the Southern Nevada Literary Arts Council. The group pulls journalists, novelists and webmasters from UNLV, CSN, various local publications (including this one) and the powerhouse Meetup.com gang, Las Vegas Writers Group.

Over glasses of Layer Cake Shiraz, novelist Richard Wiley taught us the correct pronunciation of “Knopf” (turns out the K isn’t silent!). And then, over pomegranate wine, I spoke with an MFA student who’s pioneering a literary genre called “Midwestern Gothic.” How New York is that?

“The idea behind the SNLAC is to bring people together and strengthen and celebrate our literary community,” Sedenquist says. “One vision for a primary role of the council is to provide a platform where member organizations and associated individuals can share news, wish lists, marketing initiatives and other ideas with their colleagues in a non-competitive spirit of fellowship and shared vision.” From all I observed, the group’s on the right track.


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