Five excerpts from local author Terry Goodkind’s latest novel


The Third Kingdom, by Terry Goodkind, $30.

1. I was terrified that at any moment one of them would spot me and then reach down and pull me out. I knew that if they did, they would tear me apart with their teeth the way they had the man I saw pulled off his horse and killed. (Page 89)

2. “My mother was able to learn that Jit used some kind of magic that was unlike ours, some kind of occult power that we had never encountered before.” (Page 128)

3. The problem was that while he was slowed by the lay of the land, the half people, still some distance off on flatter ground, were able to run faster and close some of the distance. (Page 257)

4. Zedd’s voice sounded choked with tears. That tormented sound in his grandfather’s voice terrified Richard. (Page 388)

5. The Mord-Sith did not look at all happy. Seeing that she was alone made him more than merely displeased. Vika elbowed aside a silent Shun-tuk woman who didn’t move out of the Mord-Sith’s way. Hannis Arc could hear the bone of her jaw crack before she fell beneath the feet of the horde. (Page 485)

  • Michael Wolff makes a convincing case that the campaign that expected to lose gamely morphed into the administration that can’t run the empire.

  • Lincoln, Grant and Clinton make appearances.

  • The posthumous collection reflects a lifetime of the writer’s journalism, essays and profiles.

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