Recycled Percussion’ will (junk) rock you

Recycled Percussion’s VIP Night at Studio 54 at MGM Grand on Sept. 7, 2010.
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There are kids who take special pleasure in making loud noises. They bang on pots and pans, clap incessantly and revel in toys that make clangy sounds and parents wince. Recycled Percussion is what happens when those kids grow up.

The Details

Recycled Percussion
Through Sept. 30, 8 p.m., $43
Dark 9/19, 9/20, 9/26
Studio 54, 891-7279

The New Hampshire-bred foursome that found fame courtesy of America’s Got Talent have set up shop through September 30 at Studio 54, playing their genre of “junk rock” with freakishly high energy and enough hair gel to style the entire cast of Gossip Girl. Comprised of a guitarist, a DJ and two drummers, the band’s marquee talent is drumming, and they do so on plastic buckets, warped cymbals, ladders and even their own abdomens. Think Stomp with a hard-rock twist. The cast’s percussive skills are so impressive that the half-hearted comic gags (apparently they really hate Hanson) and overdose of audience participation are easily forgivable. And, because watching the boys’ dizzying drum skills kinda makes you want to pick up the old ’sticks, everyone gets something to bang on when they enter. Which means the audience gets to channel its inner child during the show. Unfortunately, the club location—the show is 21-and-over—means actual kids cannot.

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