Super Summer Theatre’s ‘Spamalot’ production is refreshingly silly

Spamalot at Super Summer Theatre
Photo: Brandon Stark
Jacob Coakley

Three and a half stars

Monty Python's Spamalot Through June 28, Wednesday-Saturday, 8 p.m., $13-$20. Super Summer Theatre, Spring Mountain Ranch.

Monty Python’s Spamalot, a musical that ran for a year at the Wynn and is “lovingly ripped off” from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, gets the Super Summer Theatre treatment this month, in a production from SST and P.S. Productions.

The ensemble has fun with all the classic bits (taking particular zest in the French taunters scene, making what could be a chestnut fresh); Glenn Heath as King Arthur and Evan Litt as Patsy have a delightful chemistry; and Scott Gibson-Uebele is smooth in voice and movement as the cowardly Sir Robin. The biggest addition to the musical from its source was the character of “The Lady of the Lake,” and Sandra Huntsman simply knocks it out of the park, equal parts comic diva and soulful love interest, wrapping you up in her silvery voice. The ensemble takes to Greg Kata’s choreography with some unevenness, but featured dancers Avree Walker and Roman Pantoja delight.

Erika Courtney’s lights are vibrant and colorful for the dance numbers, but it’s tough picking out actors on the second levels of Andy Walmsley’s set. The night I was there the show was delayed for a technical problem, and the crew had a hard time maneuvering set pieces throughout. But if lines like “I’m not dead yet,” still get you to chortle, you should have a fine time out at the ranch.

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