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Majesty in the Alley: A Downtown Theater Company Goes Drive-Thru


Majestic Repertory Theatre owner Troy Heard always has something up his sleeve, and right now is no different.

In an effort to raise money for his theater in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Heard launched the Majestic Drive-Thru Theatre, a never-before-seen retail experience you could only expect from a creative like himself.

“Although I feel we still have a long way to go in our recovery, Majestic still has rent and utilities to pay, so we’ve created the Majestic Drive-Thru Theatre,” Heard says. “We’ve gathered clowns, burlesque performers, percussionists and more, who will deliver your items in a very safe and socially distant method utilizing best practices prescribed by the CDC. This is a way to raise money for Majestic and support our artists.”

For $50, you get a double-lined nonmedical mask and a Majestic Repertory T-shirt, delivered curbside with “a unique flair.” Heard says patrons will be required to stay in their car for the duration of the immersive delivery “performance,” and that the experience is suggested for ages 18 and over.

Pickup dates for May 15 and 16 are sold out, but Heard says the theater will be at it again next weekend, May 22 and 23.

“Vegas has some of the most amazingly talented performers on earth, and Majestic Repertory has a retail business license,” Heard says. “In a world where social distancing means curbside service, Majestic Repertory now has the most amazingly talented customer service reps on earth.”

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