Oh, and Jim Gibbons, too!

Harry Reid calls plans to dump California trash in Winnemucca a “threat to Nevada’s dignity.” Could there be others?

Jim Gibbons
Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun

1. Jim Gibbons. 2. Mobile escort billboards. 3. John Ensign. 4. Thirteen percent unemployment. 5. Mining ravages state. 6. Criss Angel. 7. We’re available for more mining ravagement! 8. Opportunistic real-estate agent Brooke Boemio featured in Time. 9. Congressional Quarterly’s “Most Dangerous State” five years running. 10. John Barr commercials. 11. Endoscopy contamination. 12. Peepshow’s Aubrey O’Day says “Hitler was brilliant.” 13. Jim Gibbons. 14. Nina Radetich’s exposé shakedown. 15. Lowest percentage of children nationwide who are immunized. 16. Forty-eighth lowest health-care spending in the nation. 17. Broke UMC closes cancer programs. 18. R-J publisher whines about Reid’s joke ad nauseam. 19. Yucca Mountain. 20. This stripper-on-pole-emblazoned T-shirt for sale at San Gennaro Feast: “I support single moms, one dollar at a time.” 21. Clark County’s 64 percent high-school graduation rate. 22. Four thousand homeless veterans in Vegas. 23. Jim Gibbons. 24. Porn pamphleteers. 25. Porn pamphleteers wearing sandwich boards. 26. John Ensign’s hair. 27. Mayor/gin sponsor. 28. Vin Suprynowicz’s editorials. 29. The Las Vegas Zoo. 30. Jim Gibbons. 31. Closure of Las Vegas Art Museum. 32. “I want my own stimulus czar!” 33. Forty-ninth lowest state in number of nurses per 100,000 patients. 34. Erin Kenny and her legacy. 35. Boob jobs galore. 36. Kelly Osbourne says Vegas is “way too tacky” for her wedding. 37. Highest rate of foreclosures. 38. Ghost town at half-built Echelon. 39. Fifth-highest state in gun deaths. 40. Lowest volunteer rate of 50 states and D.C. 41. Ninety-six thousand dollars later, Ensign still didn’t resign. 42. Bait and Tackle billboards. 43. Governor declines to meet with U.S. president. 44. The state budget ...

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