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Thinking about UNLV, apostrophes and more

If they can’t get it right at B&N, what chance does the rest of Las Vegas have? (The night belongs to more than one writer; the apostrophe should go after “s.”)

Careful, don’t catch it! I’m all for keeping things fresh, but does anyone think the new name for the Nevada Test Site—N2S2—sounds like the latest flu strain? — Ken Miller, contributing editor

Brain drain It’s amazing that UNLV’s College of Fine Arts chases off its best to keep old-timers happy. Despite stellar qualifications (as artist and educator), Stephen Hendee was officially denied tenure. — Kristen Peterson, staff writer

Dyn-o-Mite Facebook game Mafia Wars Las Vegas celebrated 10 million visitors in two weeks by having Snoop Dogg blow up an armored car in the Nevada desert. Social media is officially gangsta. — Sarah Feldberg, editor

School fuel UNLV now boasts an Einstein Bagels and Metro Pizza, hopefully ending the campus’ reputation for having only-if-I-have-to edible options. With budget woes affecting quality education, the least those students deserve is a decent meal. — April Corbin, online editorial assistant

Writing right Note to the Barnes and Noble on Maryland Parkway for their sign advertising a “Local Writer’s Night”: Come on, guys! If you can’t place an apostrophe correctly, what hope is there for the rest of us? — Rick Lax, staff writer


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