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Moving the Gift of Lights: a bright idea?

The Gift of Lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Photo: Justin M. Bowen


Gift of Lights
Dec. 1-Jan. 2, 5:00- 9 p.m., 10:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday, $10-$15
Las Vegas Motor Speedway, 451-1641

The irony of driving across town—through a steady sea of city streetlights and past the raging blink of Strip and Downtown casinos—to visit the Gift of Lights at its new location at Las Vegas Motor Speedway isn’t easily lost. Actually, after leaving the Richard Petty concourse and its Shark Reef Christmas display of jumping seahorses and dolphins, the view of the Valley is unavoidable. This is hardly the suburban sanctuary of its former home, Sunset Park. Perhaps here is more fitting for our city and could only be improved if the attraction were actually on the track itself. Or maybe this is pathetic and we should still be reeling that organizers and city officials couldn’t agree on a deal to keep it at the original spot. Either way, those dolphins were cool.


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