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Weekly staffers reveal what’s on their holiday wish lists

1. The Always Cool Pillow ($70-$90, Made with NASA-designed fabric that redirects body heat, this ordinary-looking pillow keeps you cool while eliminating a great existential frustration: that the better side of the pillow is always the one you’re not using. — John P. McDonnall, copy editor

2. Android Plush Robot ($10, In the war between iPhone and Android, I chose team cheapskate. Work pays for my iPhone, so I abandoned my Droid. I stay awake at night crying with regret. Who better to comfort me than this adorable little guy? — April Corbin, web content editor

3. 2011 YES Great Dudes Of History Snowboard ($449, Powder and Sun) I want a board that can handle any mountain, from the park to the backcountry, and I wanna look fresh. I want it! Give it to me now! I wrote a rhyme about it: I want to bomb the slopes like a kamikaze / Look fresh-to-death with my strap-on Ferrari / Carve the mountain like Jack the Rippa’ / All eyes on me like a Rhino strippa’ — Wesley Gatbonton, associate art director

4. 360 George Foreman Grill ($130, $70 on sale, I’m a sucker for anything As Seen on TV. I have the Slap Chop, the Ped Egg and the Chia Pet. I think it’s genetic; my grandma is HSN’s most valued customer. With five removable grill plates, the 360 George Foreman Grill makes everything from waffles to deep-dish pizza—all while leaving the fat behind. — Janice Van Gorder, marketing coordinator

5. Hand Grenade Oil Lamp ($60, Unica Home) A recent move to a new apartment has transformed me into an obsessive reader of shelter blogs and magazines with an eye for items well out of my price range. Luckily, Unica Home has affordable knickknacks, like this awesome oil lamp made from an actual U.S. Army surplus grenade. Simply put, it’s the bomb. — Sarah Feldberg, editor

6. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses ($145, Sunglass Hut) I don’t say “brah,” and you won’t find any Ed Hardy in my closet, so when it comes to sunglasses, Spy Optics and Oakley aren’t an option. I’ve long been a fan of the Wayfarer style, and Ray-Ban infused some pizazz into these shades without losing the classic, retro look. — Mark Adams, listings coordinator

7. The Larry Sanders Show: The Complete Series ($150, $99 on sale, Some say the best TV family was the Nelsons. But to me, the greatest TV family will always be Larry, Artie and Hank, three seriously dysfunctional characters who created unforgettable television every week on Larry Sanders. Twelve years after going off the air, it’s still the gold standard of what television can achieve—hilarity, warmth, depth and genuine heart. And making David Duchovny really funny. — Ken Miller, associate editor

8. Inflatable Turkey and Toast ($3-$12, A Christmas wish haiku: Inflatable food / You make me smile I/ love best the turkey and toast — Kristen Peterson, staff writer

9. Vibram “Bikila” Women’s Running Shoes ($100, I’ve been wearing “Sprint” Vibrams for a year, and I actually enjoy running for the first time. Now I’m ready to upgrade to those specially designed for distance. With separate spots for each toe, Vibrams help you learn to run the way evolution intended: barefoot. — Katharine Euphrat, videographer

10. Tickets to Ozzy Osbourne (January 28 at Mandalay Bay, $40-$80, When I revealed my wish to attend Ozzy’s upcoming concert, it was met with laughter across the board. Sure, Ozzy is drug-addled and past his prime, but he’s a rock icon, and for Christmas, I just want to go off the rails of the “Crazy Train” with the Prince of Bloody Darkness! — Allison Duck, Web calendar editor

11. City Lights Earth Globe ($60-$80, I like globes. I also like globes that light-up. I really like globes that light-up and automatically rotate whilst showing you what the earth looks like at night from outer space. Yeah. In yo’ face, maps. — Ryan Olbrysh, art director

12. Maynard Breese Art (prices vary, I enjoy art that evokes heart-wrenching emotion, which is why the work of digital painter Maynard Breese caught my eye and motivated me to purchase something for the first time at First Friday. Now I want one his giclée works, even the biggest of which is under $100. — Deanna Rilling, staff writer

13. The Promise: The Darkness on the Edge of Town Story (deluxe edition) ($120, $85 on sale, I’ve owned Darkness for years, and I’ve seen the making-of doc on HBO. So why this pricey box? Because everything Bruce recorded in the ’70s is worth hearing and/or seeing, and this three CD + three DVD set—packed with outtakes, live performances and rehearsal footage—is surely no exception. — Spencer Patterson, managing editor


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