A missing showgirl’s Facebook wall becomes an online shrine

After being MIA for 3 weeks, Debbie Flores Navaraez’s Facebook wall is becoming a an online shrine.

Fantasy showgirl Debbie Flores Narvaez has been missing for three weeks. The burnt body found just outside of Vegas on December 23 wasn’t hers, as many had feared, so there’s still hope that she’s alive. Somewhere.

While Debbie is MIA, her Facebook wall is as active as ever. Three weeks ago, Debbie was adding friends, promoting Sisqo’s appearance with her show and voting Julian Assange as Time’s Person of the Year. On December 13, one friend wondered, “Did u go to the holiday party yesterday?” The next day, another asked, “Why do you ignore people?”

After news of her disappearance broke, the mood went from inquisitive to desperate. “PLEASE COME HOME FOR XMAS!” one friend posted. “May God and his angels be with and encamped around you!!!” posted another. In the dancer’s absence, her Facebook page has become both a shrine and a meeting hall. Friends of the dancer pile messages on top of one another, sending hope, prayers and optimism into the ether. Non-friends see a smiling Debbie posing at the Latin Grammys, a bio that recounts three college degrees, law school and years lived in Baltimore, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. “There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them,” she advises.

But there’s another message on the wall, a request that Debbie’s sister, Celeste, makes every day: “Please stop leaving posts on my sister’s page. Me and my family would like to keep it clear for important information.” Officer Jay Rivera of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department says Debbie’s Facebook wall hasn’t given the department any useful leads thus far. So the wall waits, filling up with prayers and channeling hopes.


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