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A Vegas to-do list for Obama

E.C. Gladstone

We know what most people like to do when they’ve got one night in Vegas. But for one person who apparently doesn’t like Sin City, we thought of a few things he might want to check out that could change his mind—without “spending the kids’ college fund,” of course:

1. Dodgeball on SkyZone’s trampolines. Maybe the most fun exercise a grown-up can have with clothes on. Got a SkyZone in D.C., Mr. Pres? No, no, you don’t.

2. A slice of pie at Blueberry Hill. Obama likes the pie, we’ve heard. He should try a cut at our favorite.

3. Human Nature at Imperial Palace. For some reason, we just feel like Obama could appreciate four white guys singin’ the hell out of Motown songs.

4. California Hotel. Ask all your fellow Hawaiians why they like Vegas so much. This hotel is regularly filled with them.

5. Go face to face with a shark at Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. Because, well, the metaphor is just ... oh, you get it. E.C. Gladstone


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