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Suggestion Box: Offend Jim Gibbons

Jim Gibbons
Photo: Steve Marcus

Apparently Gov. Jim Gibbons doesn’t like being made fun of, at least this year. He announced last week he will be the first acting governor in 46 years to not attend this year’s “Sheep Dip Show,” a satirical performance that makes fun of the Nevada Legislature. At issue is a song about his record number of vetoes last year, sung to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” which he called “offensive.” Really, Jim? Of all the embarrassing things you’ve done in 2009, THAT bothered you? Hey, Sheep Dip—since you’ve offended, why don’t you go all out? How about a song about how, under his watch, we’re one of the worst states in education funding? Or how about his opposition to health care reform? Or his an all-too-public divorce? Or snubbing of Obama? Now THOSE are embarrassing.


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