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Weird (political) science It’s a deeply strange thought: In a few months, marginalized, scandal-plagued hypocrite John Ensign could be Nevada’s senior senator. Discuss. - Scott Dickensheets, editor

Art star John Bissonette, selected as the Weekly’s Best Up-and-Coming Artist, will be in the publication New American Paintings. He was among 40 artists selected for the Western Competition. That issue comes out in October. (Too bad he’s leaving town.) - Kristen Peterson, staff writer

House proud The Vanderbilts named their 70-room Newport estate The Breakers. Criss Angel, Vegas’ answer to the moneyed baron, named his 22,000-square-foot mansion Serenity. Where do the tours start? - Abigail Goldman, staff writer

Music marathon Trying to listen to my entire Guided By Voices (and related) collection by Matador fest (October 1). Chronologically? Alphabetically? Oh hell, I’ll just close my eyes and grab ... Moping Swans? Perfect. - Spencer Patterson, A&E editor (For more on Matador, click here.)

It’s free; I’m there! Love the printed page? Check out the James I. Gibson Library’s new 20,000-square-foot facility at 100 W. Lake Mead Parkway in Henderson. - Ken Miller, contributing editor


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