Barack Obama

Brother, can you spare a bailout?

Photo: Alex Brandon/AP

Shouldn’t we get something out of this? The president is coming to town this week to say some words about Harry Reid, which is good—we guess#8212;for Reid, but what about the rest of us? Shouldn’t there be something in this for us beyond inconvenient traffic stoppages and the momentary frisson of a presidential breeze-through? Not because Mr. Obama has made a few ill-considered remarks about Vegas, but because right now this is the deepest part of the economic latrine, and the city could frankly use a little hands-on help from the big guy. Why not stay a few days, Mr. President? Hotel-hop for a week#8212;resorts could charge premium “Obama Slept Here” rates for those rooms. Pull up a chair at the World Series of Poker; we’re sure Tony Hayward will stake you the buy-in. Maybe show some consumer confidence at one of our beleaguered malls#8212;Spencer Gifts at the Meadows Mall could outfit you with a Vampire Skull Tea Light for the Lincoln Sitting Room. Point being, you’ll probably make a great speech while you’re here, but it’d be nice if you left behind something more tangible than encouragement.


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