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5 Things We’re Thinking About This Week

The Killers (minus Ronnie Vannucci) perform before a campaign rally for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Thursday at Aria.
Photo: Sam Morris

Musical accompaniment You know about the art, the coffee and the clothes — but what about the records? Emergency Arts’ modest record store, inside the Beat Coffeehouse, gives patrons something to browse while sipping their lattes. — Laura Davis, calendar editor

But can he sing? Observed during last week’s Harry Reid fundraiser at CityCenter: President Obama got more applause than the Killers did. — Ken Miller, contributing editor

Immigration Yes, something must be done about illegal immigration. But no, a Nevada law modeled on Arizona’s is not it. So it’s good that assemblyman Chad Christensen’s effort to create one has fizzled. Now, feds, it’s time to step up. — Scott Dickensheets, editor

One bin to rule them all Henderson is piloting a new “single stream” recycling program, where all our recyclables go — unsorted — into one giant bin. Genius. — Abigail Goldman, staff writer

Close call Nearly bought an iPhone 4. Even “test drove” AT&T’s coverage in my neighborhood. Better than Verizon’s. But then, my old Verizon phone doesn’t drop calls if I hold it “wrong.” Sigh. Anyone know how T-Mobile works in Green Valley? — Spencer Patterson, A&E editor


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