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I dreamed I was a prostitute and this guy from work was trying to kill me so I jumped on a bike to try and get away but the bike wouldn’t go anywhere. It wouldn’t move, which made me mad for wasting time that I could have spent running. – Nicole 30, West Jordan, UT

Lauri: Being a prostitute suggests you are selling yourself short in some way, you are not living up to or are not being respected for your value. When someone tries to kill you in a dream it means you are feeling pressure—either from yourself or from someone around you—to put an end to something in waking life. The guy from work may be a clue. Are you feeling undervalued at work? Maybe this is the part that needs to be killed off. The bicycle is your ability to have balance in your life, such as your ability to successfully balance work and your personal life. But since the bike isn’t moving in the dream, you must have an imbalance in your life that is holding you back, keeping you from moving towards a goal you have.

Nicole replies: I am starting grad school tomorrow in hopes of changing careers because I hate my job! Yes, I now have to balance school and my job and I will be stuck like this until I graduate. I can’t wait to kill the job off.


Lauri Quinn Lowenberg

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