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Thinking about The Killers, liquor at the airport and more

The current Killers lineup: (from left) Mark Stoermer, Brandon Flowers, Ronnie Vannucci and Dave Keuning.

Actually, it is a bit unusual Tom Jones announced this week he wants to collaborate with The Killers. The voice that helped define Vegas, combined with its hottest band ever? I’m already synching my iPod. — Ken Miller, contributing editor

Sing! Newest karaoke hangout: Murphy’s Law, Monday nights at 9. Unassuming, but packing a bustling crowd. “Piano Man,” anyone? — April Corbin, online editorial assistant

Too late! It’s already out there The debate over allowing a liquor store at the airport prompted Commissioner Steve Sisolak to rhetorically wonder whether a McCarran strip club was next. Way to give someone the idea, Steve. — Abigail Goldman, staff writer

Encore! I knew I was in love the first time I heard violinist Lara St. John’s 2006 performance with the Las Vegas Philharmonic. But listening to her new CD, Mozart (coming out in October, August on iTunes), confirms it. — Kristen Peterson, staff writer

R.I.P. Hollywood Video is biting the dust. The store’s liquidation mode takes out the Valley’s remaining locations in the coming week. On the bright side, that means major discounts, and hey, we’ve still got Netflix. — Laura Davis, calendar editor


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