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Gary Coleman died May 28, 2010.

Love this place Two soy lattes into the evening and I want a blueberry muffin top. I want to sit here all night and watch locals converse, Simone make coffee and tourists stroll by, unsure about The Beat coffee shop inside Emergency Arts, unsure about a community grass-roots establishment on touristy Fremont Street. For me, it offers a little hope. -Kristen Peterson, staff writer

Squeeeeze Parking spaces are shrinking. Is the Smart/clown car trend making the ability to open your door (for those of us not saving the environment) less necessary? Or could the lifted truck straddling the line simply be creating that illusion? Regardless, it’d be nice not to worry about taking out a side mirror while backing up. -Laura Davis, calendar editor

Stop! Metro worried about DUI fatalities on Memorial Day weekend, so they set up five DUI check points over three days and somehow stopped and checked about 15,000 cars, arresting 58 people for DUI. And no, there were no drunk-driving fatalities. -Abigail Goldman, staff writer

Reality bites True Beauty, the Vegas-set ABC reality train wreck that debuted this week, purports to want to find the “Face of Vegas,” when in reality it’s really all about finding one’s true inner beauty. But in a city built on facades and neon, it’s hard to take this already-lame premise seriously. -Ken Miller, contributing editor

Gary Coleman June 1999. Interviewing Gary Coleman in a Las Vegas restaurant. An employee succumbed to idiocy and blurted, “Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” “I don’t know who you are,” Coleman glowered in an overacting sort of way, “but you’re fired.” It’s still funny, remembering that. (See John’s full recollection here.) -John Katsilometes, contributing writer


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