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Illustration: Ryan Olbrysh

It’s as if the Tea Party replaced Return of the Living Dead’s “Brains!” with “Harry Reid!” The chant has been deafening since the victories of several Tea Party candidates, including Reid opponent Sharron Angle. Problem is, we’re hearing little else from them. Angle is ready with anti-Reid rhetoric as she treks among the GOP-friendly media platforms, all the while making sure the Things We Need to Hear More About—how she wants to hit the delete button on the departments of education and energy and “transition out” Social Security—get glossed over. (No surprise she didn’t correct a reporter when he mistakenly said Sarah Palin supports her—would you want to point out that a Tea Party supporter thinks you’re too conservative?) Will we ever get more on these issues? When a reporter asked her last week to elaborate on her statement that the nation needs “Second Amendment remedies,” the exchange went something like this: “Harry Reid is the DEVIL!” “Please answer my question.” Silence. “Hey!” Silence. “I’m just doing my job.” Double-secret silence. Even a brain-eating zombie would lose sleep over that.

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