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The Weekly takes a test drive


Most of us at the Weekly barely remember taking the written portion of our driving test. But we must have done well, because in the last five years, we’ve had one speeding ticket, and zero accidents. (Take that, rival weeklies!) Not so other Nevadans—in the GMAC Insurance’s National Drivers Test rankings for 2010, Nevada ranks 21st, with an average score of 78.1 percent.

So five of us went to to take the sample test. And we’re pleased to say, our average score was ... 82 percent. Here’s what some of our anonymous test-takers had to say, along with an objective assessment of their driving temperament:

Tester No. 1 (90 percent): “Don’t take comfort in my high score, drivers of Las Vegas. It’s not that I know the rules, it’s that I’m good at taking tests.” (Underconfident)

Tester No. 2 (90 percent): “What does it matter whether I know what a diamond-shaped sign means? The words are right on it! I don’t have to know, do I?” (Overconfident)

Tester No. 3 (80 percent): “If you’re playing by the rules, yellow means slow down and stop if possible. If you live in Las Vegas, yellow means ‘accelerate with wild abandon.’” (Adaptive)

Tester No. 4 (75 percent): “I technically got 80 percent because I clicked on the wrong answer because the font is small.” (Needs glasses)

Tester No. 5 (75 percent): “Really, GMAC? Putting one car length between me and the car ahead doesn’t count as defensive driving? Really?” (Really doesn’t like taking tests)

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