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Marilyn Monroe.

Emmy blues The good news: The Las Vegas-set Daytime Emmy Awards telecast was a huge commercial for a city that needs tourists. The bad news: Almost no one watched it. - Ken Miller, contributing editor

Good show Loving VH1’s The OCD Project. It’s just like Celebrity Rehab, only the patients aren’t famous, suffer from OCD ... and the doctor actually cures people. - Rick Lax, staff writer

Nice interiors Someone paid $45,000 at a Vegas auction for X-rays of Marilyn Monroe’s chest and pelvis. This says something about America. If you can figure out what, tell me at [email protected]. - Scott Dickensheets, editor

Sterile pigeons Clark County will start feeding pigeons birth control pellets, actually training them to take pills every day—a smarter, more humane approach to pest control than poison and BB guns. - Abigail Goldman, staff writer

Where is everyone? In the summer, attendance at local shows is hit or miss. The typical equation of popular local group plus catchy out of towner doesn’t guarantee a turnout. Perhaps it’s the barbecue-day drunk burnout that’s to blame. - Laura Davis, calendar editor


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