The one-minute slogan critic

Rating some actual Tea Party propaganda


"Make your HARRY ass REID the Constitution"

One stars

A good argument for stricter pun control.


No Stars

So is your proofreader.

"Those who refuse to surrender their liberty will be called TERRORISTS by Homeland Security"

Three stars

Two stars for the purity of the paranoia, one star for the directness of expression—no sense being glib when the socialists are at your doorstep. Wait, did you hear something? Dammit, they’re here! Load the guns, honey, and I’ll hide the freedom!

"Harry, Barry & Sugar Britches: Keep your hands off my nuts"

Three and a half stars

Didn’t we see Harry, Barry & Sugar Britches at the Bootlegger last week? Comedy-singing act? Regardless, we definitely agree with keeping hands off of nuts in almost any context.

"Michael Moore ate Osama bin Laden"

Four and a half stars


No Stars

High marks if it’s meant in a you-are-what-you-eat sense—a clever way of claiming Moore is nourished by terrorist ideology. But we suspect it’s just a fat joke, thus the alternate rating.

"Don't blame Obama, blame those-YOU?-who elected him"

One stars

A conservative rally is no place to demand personal accountability, bub.

"Not RACIAL (stupid) It's FINANCIAL"

No Stars

Yeah, it’s racial.


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