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Pet Smart

Local shelters kill more than 30,000 cats and dogs every year. To curb the toll, Clark County passed a mandatory spay and neuter law. It went into effect last month, and places like Heaven Can Wait sanctuary now offer pet sterilizations for low-income residents. No excuses, people. - Abigail Goldman, Staff Writer

Arbor daze

They took all the trees, and put ’em in a tree museum ... Now that the temperature is headed toward “bake” and beyond, I’m happy I discovered a secret garden called Moon Valley Nurseries, five acres of tall trees and plants, a place to freely wander and inhale the humid green scents. - Joe Brown, Managing Editor

Boxing, celebs

What is it about two men lacing up the gloves that still draws big names? Boxing is hardly at its pinnacle, yet the Mayweather/Mosley fight brought in everyone from Jay-Z to Bar Rafaeli. Let’s combine the two: celebrity fights. Who’s your money on when Jeremy Piven and Leonardo DiCaprio go toe-to-toe? - Sarah Feldberg, Web Content Editor

Water world

Bored and waiting for a meeting to start, I glanced at the bottle of Nestle Pure Life water I had been drinking. I scanned the label and noticed it’s from Denver’s public water supply. Wow. With all the bottled water I drink, it might be easier to just move to Colorado. - Ken Miller, Contributing Editor

Wolf music

I’m driving to LA to see Wolf Parade in July. A big reason: new track “What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had to Go This Way),” streaming everywhere as of Monday. Its fidgety guitars, sparkly synth and hard-driving beat fuse to form one of the most body-moving tracks in the mighty Spencer Krug songbook. - Spencer Patterson, A&E Editor


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