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Betty White on the Strip, cell-phone offenses and odd Aria art

Come to Vegas, Betty. Please.
Photo: Angela George

Sue TV: It’s funny to hear Sue Lowden, in her new ad, snark at “career politicians” opposing her. Who, Danny Tarkanian (who’s failed to make politics a career)? Wall Streeter John Chachas? Of course, Harry Reid is a career pol, and he’d advise Sue that to “shake things up in Washington,” she’d need a few Senate terms—that is, to become a career politician. -Scott Dickensheets, Editor

Hot Call: Behold, the latest cell-phone offense: Robbing a bank while cradling a cell between your shoulder and ear, leaving your arms free to flash the teller a threatening note. It happened last week in Vegas. Honestly, what call can’t wait for you to finish committing a federal crime? -Abigail Goldman, Staff Writer

Betty Face: I suggest a new Facebook campaign: Get Betty White a show on the Strip. Hey, a similar campaign got her onto Saturday Night Live, and look how well that turned out—a ratings success that was funny as hell. I’d fork over 70 bucks to hear her say “Blaarfingaar” live. So would you. -Ken Miller, Contributing Editor

Hmm ... Among the thousands who turned out for last week’s First Friday arts fest was Larry Harvey, a founder of Burning Man, invited to the event by pal Leslie Bocskor, chair of Action Arts League, a New York nonprofit. Bocskor, a new Vegas transplant, is known to be a fan of First Friday. -Kristen Peterson, Staff Writer

Walken Pics: Nine unlabeled, unremarked photographs line a passageway in Aria. Facing the Deuce Lounge, the ghostly, damaged-looking images, clouded and obscured with strange blotches, depict actor Christopher Walken. Taken by artist Julian Schnabel, they are on loan from an apparently very trusting private collector. -Joe Brown, Managing Editor


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