Welcome to God’s mega-club

Saturday Night Jesus
Illustration: Ryan Olbrysh

Verve: The word is sexy, a bit mysterious and one short, snappy syllable. It sounds like the name of a new mega-nightclub, trying to compete against titans like Rain, Tao or Pure. It isn’t. Not even close, unless you view heaven as the most prestigious VIP room in the universe. In that case, Verve is a bit like a nightclub—maybe it’s the general admission line, a gateway to God, who is probably the best celebrity host imaginable.

Yes, Verve (7850 S. Dean Martin Drive) is a church, but it has a few nightclub qualities. The 7-month-old church is housed inside the Venue, which, appropriately enough, is a space you can rent out to host your own epic nightclub-like parties. Behind the standard chairs facing the altar are sleek black couches, perfect for communion bottle service. Church bandmembers sport a faux-hawk and dreads. No dress code is enforced. Monday night service ends with popcorn and football on the big projector. Verve is billed as the church “for people who don’t like church,” and even though this “we’re cool and different, really!” mantra is screamed a little too loud—let’s face it, for many, even the coolest church is going to be lame—you have to admire the effort. “Come as you are” is a difficult message to hate, especially when there’s popcorn.


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