My Chuck Taylors are better than your Chuck Taylors


Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Stars are the ultimate pedal equalizer. They’re cheap and everybody wears them. Your plumber wears Chucks, and so does Adrian Grenier. Thirteen-year-old Wiccan girls wear them and so does Madonna. When America goes Communist, Chuck Taylors are coming along for the ride.

Converse has been playing with the Chuck design for a while now (see the double-tongue, the double-upper, the ultra-high high-top, the leather boot), but the enhancements have always been easy to spot. Now, though, Converse is making leather shoes that more faithfully resemble the All Star originals (from the pant cuff down, at least).

The upgrade is hard to notice at first. I know this because I’ve been wearing my new leather Chucks for a month now and getting double-takes. I like the looks and I like the shoes ... but I’m a cold-hearted capitalist.


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