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Dinosaurs and Roses is expanding the notion of what’s possible with a nonprofit thrift store

Ricardo Diaz displays stained-glass works at Dinosaurs and Roses.
Photo: Paul Takahashi
Paul Takahashi

If you want to know what makes the new nonprofit thrift store at 6029 W. Charleston Blvd. different, first look to the name. Dinosaurs and Roses doesn’t sell fossils or fresh flowers, but it does hock thousands of household items typical of thrift stores, as well as something customers might be surprised to find at the resale shop: fine art.

“You can’t walk into a Salvation Army and walk out with a $1,500 painting,” owner Michele Morgan-Devore says, adding that the shop will reinvent the very definition of a nonprofit thrift store. While the first floor carries donated items, Dinosaurs and Roses’ second story is dedicated to the valley’s art community. Old conference rooms and offices have been converted into art galleries, which Morgan-Devore hopes to fill with artists looking for space to display and sell their artwork. A portion of the art proceeds will go to the nonprofit shop, she explains.

“It was really important for me to display artwork because it will attract people who wouldn’t normally go into a thrift shop,” Morgan-Devore says. “It’s also a great deal for any artist.” Northwest Valley resident Ricardo Diaz is a stained-glass artist with 20 years of experience creating pieces for residential and casino properties. Although he has a home studio, Diaz said he wanted to find a place to sell his glasswork, which goes for about $400 apiece.

“It’s perfect,” Diaz says of his gallery space. “It’s a place where I can bring all my friends and customers to see my work.”


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