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Thinking about Christmas, hate and more

Vdara at CityCenter
Photo: Steve Marcus

Yeah, I went there Sure, the Reid and Angle campaigns are negative. But they could get even worse. How? Four words: attack ad lawn signs. —Rick Lax, staff writer

Hate at any age The bullying of gay teens reminds me of when Nevada voted to define marriage as between a man and a woman. In all my years out, I’d never felt so harassed as I did by Richard Ziser’s minions, the billboards around town and canvassers at my doorstep. Fortunately, I was an adult. —Kristen Peterson, staff writer

Death Ray 2.0? An errant stage light at Sunday’s Van Morrison show blinded patrons in section 401 for the better part of a song. Talk about “Bright Side of the Road.” —Allison Duck, web calendar editor

Funny faces Passion Pit plays December 9 at House of Blues “with special guests.” When I saw the band at Coachella a Yo Gabba Gabba character popped up in the audience. Now that’s special. —April Corbin, web content editor

Christmas gauge The Gift of Lights holiday display is going dark after Clark County raised rent at Sunset Park by 60 percent. What they meant to say was, “Bah, humbug!” —Sarah Feldberg, editor

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Sarah Feldberg

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